Ut Oh! IE 6 Has been detected. Abort!

You are viewing this page with Internet Explorer 6 and we just can’t sit back and tell you that’s ok anymore. It’s not that we don’t like you or don’t have the know how to make things right. It just isn’t working well these days and here’s why:

The web is best experienced in the following A grade browsers:

IE6 is growing quite old and doesn’t understand the rules of the road anymore. It does not measure up to today’s web standards and costs a great deal of development time to include compatibility to support it in each project. Not only does it hold back our efforts to make new and innovative features, we enable the problem to fester by not informing users of the benefits to upgrading to an industry standard browser that really rocks. While we have plenty of tricks to make it all work out if and when we need to in IE6, is it worth it for you to pay more just for IE6?

Upgrade your browser today and get more out of the web. Browse happy!

Thank you for helping us build a better web experience.