I was surprised by a roommate who had left the unit with all her belongings. When I asked her when she would come to get her stuff, she told me to throw everything out, but since I`m a nice person, I said I thought it was a bit for her so she could have it. It`s been almost a month since she returned to the premises and the room she was in is still full of her stuff. What can I do about it, since she didn`t pay to store it, or she made arrangements to get it? Thank you for any help Hello Michael, thanks for your information contribution. I have a question about Scenario 1. If a tenant moves into a common monthly rental agreement and other tenants find a replacement roommate without informing the landlord, is this an unauthorized task? Thank you in advance. Rental contracts between tenants and landlords do not cover the rights and obligations of roommates. Roommate relationships are excluded from the Housing Act in all provinces and territories and disputes cannot be resolved by the Tenants Office. In case of combat, the owners` children have an advantage.

The protections that tenants remove from the Housing Act are not available to non-owner children. Even if this is not without consequences, the owner can act more unilaterally in a relationship not covered by the ATR. There is no rent guarantee for tenants not covered by RTA and these tenants could be distributed without proper procedure. The application and appeal procedure under the ATR does not apply— clear recourse to problems of non-repair, harassment or refusal of non-enjoyment. If the ATR does not apply, the whole relationship is contractual. The protection of each party depends on the text of the contract. Contract violations can be dealt with in court – usually the Small Claims Tribunal. If an owner behaves unreasonably, the owner can be sued. If tenants behave inappropriately, they can be sued. The court proceedings will take place over time and a judgment will be rendered in one way or another. Nothing will be terribly timely with regard to interactions in the rental unit.

The legal proceedings are very long. The next big topic. If you can get the RTA to apply for the (doubtful) relationship, it resolves the relationship between residents/tenants and landlords. The next problem is the relationship between the roommates. The RTA has never settled the relationship between roommates. It can be a nightmare if there is a terribly unreasonable person in the group or if there are serious personality conflicts. Relationships between roommates are considered contractual. It is ideal for roommates to sign a roommate agreement specifying the terms of the relationship.