only buy 100 tampons and certified printed servertrag given by tcs .is suffizienz or necessary to do any other additional. (notry or affidavit) I did not write page numbers in the service agreement. Will that be a problem at the time of accession? If I opt for the FD. All I have to do is print the first page of the service agreement on the loan paper, with the exception of the part of the guarantee. right? hii admin… for the service agreement you said to print 2-6 pg, in the same way as to leave room for drafts??? What should be the description of the document (I filled it out as a sworn statement) for The Service Agreement Document in E-Stamp Paper.Kindly helps. Sir instead of having a pen in the service agreement, I write the spaces with the necessary data. Can I know this as a problem with TCS? Hello I have a doubtI notaraised in the service agreement also it`s any problem My ilp membership date is 02.09.2019 but accidentally I 22.08.2019…Is the front page service agreement date that cause problems??? Answer me quickly…. Thank you very much. Sir I am eliminated in 2017, but my membership is from July 20, 2018 and I have no flaw in my training so, do I have to make an insurance gap under oath or not? Does the TCS service agreement have to be certified notarized? Hello, I come from Varanasi, I have some questions regarding the service agreement. My lawyer says he can write on the first page Varanasi (on the place of Mumbai in the first line “THIS AGREEMENT made at Mumbai on this”, we can write Vranasi). He offers me another thing, leave it empty (i.e. at the place in Mumbai leave it empty) and fill it with a pencil.

So, I want to know that it`s valid (if I fill the name “Mumbai” with a pen) or cause a problem at the time of membership or in the future. Please will he reply, I have the first page of the service agreement with it is necessary if it is to be printed?? Instead of entering it as a service agreement, the person entered it as a service agreement in the description, it is ok ??? Do I have to receive the loan of a notarized service contract? The first page, which must be printed on stamp paper where you have to fill in three drafts, I printed everything instead of filling with a pencil… The rest of the pages, I fill myself with a pencil … It`s okay??? I got the stamp paper for the service agreement and non-criminal affidavit on behalf of TCS.later only I came to know that it must be purchased on my behalf (according to TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? How many days before the ILP can I prepare the service agreement? Hello sir, if I signed in the tesildar service agreement.